The WordPress Content Management System has been in existence for over 15 years and caters to more than 60 million users worldwide. This makes the platform highly in demand for content creators and website developers.  But even though the WP interface is user-friendly, it needs to be managed well to be able to fully utilize the potential of the platform. That is why there are Managed WordPress hosting services. While a regular WP hosting service can help you with the basic operations of your website, a well-managed WordPress Hosting Plan can take care of all the technical aspects that the site needs to run and perform optimally. 

Typically, with Managed WP hosting, your hosting provider would include these services in the plan- speed management, advanced security tools, automatic updates, resource scalability, daily automatic backup, and round-the-clock support. 

Who should consider Managed WP hosting? 

A managed WP hosting service is good for any business or individual. But if you are in a business where your website traffic is always on the rise, like in the case of a marketplace or ecommerce site, and you want to continue with a WP site, then you must opt for a Managed WP hosting plan. Because such websites require constant monitoring and support, along with seamless operations so you don’t lose a single visitor. 

Why should you opt for Managed WP Hosting? 

Like we mentioned before, Managed WP hosting comes with a set of services included in the plan. Each of those services turns out to be an advantage for the user. 

Automatic updates: When you use a dynamic system like WordPress, you need to keep it constantly updated to give the most upgraded service to your website user. With Managed hosting service you can avail the automatic updates of the WP core or the latest themes or plugins, so you don’t have to manually keep a track of it all the time.

Backups: Backing up all your site data is important so you don’t lose out on any vital information. But you cannot possibly do this manually time and again, especially if your site had been running for a long time. Most managed WP plans are integrated with a backup tool which backs up all data, media files, and databases so you can restore them as and when you need. 

Security: The security of your website is vital and cannot be compromised. While there are tools you can run yourself, you need an expert to ensure that the tools are deployed right and are functioning properly to identify threats even before they attack your site.

Support: A well-performing site is a result of a great backend support system. Having a support team to be at your side 24×7 helps you monitor your site for sudden downtime, slower site speed, or traffic surge, or handle any glitches that might occur in due course. 

Besides these basic and essential benefits, managed WP plans also provide you with redundant storage and data duplication which increases the reliability quotient of the service. 

To sum it up…

Operating a fully functional website can be a daunting task. But with the right plan, right service, and a right service provider, your website can become your most vital business asset yielding you incredible returns!

By Miracle