Technology-based business is one of the entrepreneurial solutions in the current era of technological development. How do I get started? There are many technology-based business ideas that will allow you to build a successful new company. Best of all, tech businesses have diverse options, wide reach, long-term goals and unlimited earning potential.

Business Ideas

However, you will need some level of technical knowledge to successfully start a business in a technology-based industry, as this business is concerned with the research, development and distribution of technology-based goods. For example, businesses that manufacture technology tools, build software, or provide information technology services.

Then, what technology-based business is promising and easy to do? Check out the list of technology-based business ideas below.

Online Store

Selling online is one of the best technology-based business ideas. Creating an online store is now a mainstay for entrepreneurs, especially during the pandemic when the public is more comfortable transacting online.

Establishing an online store also has various advantages, such as a wider market reach, the required capital is not too large, does not require a large place, flexible time, and can sell a variety of products. Meanwhile, the drawbacks are that the competition is tougher and a stable internet connection is required.

You can create a website or join e-commerce as a means for product purchase transactions. Moreover, now the business potential in e-commerce is growing rapidly in the world and in Indonesia and will continue to grow in the next few years.

Being an online shop businessman also at least requires you to stay updated about what trends are currently selling in the market, so you can incorporate new ideas into your online business to be fresher.

Drop shipping Business Ideas

Running a drop shipping business is also one of the conveniences in a technology-based business. This solution makes it easier for you to sell a product without thinking about warehouse and shipping. So, you simply rely on the ability to sell alone.

The profit comes from the difference between the money you receive from the buyer and the amount you pay to the manufacturer of the goods. In short, you as a drop shipper serve as a liaison between sellers and buyers of goods. This business can be an easy technology-based business, because you can decide what products you want to sell yourself.

There are several reasons why a drop shipping business is easy to do, among others, it does not require large capital because it does not deal directly with the goods sold or storage warehouses. Then, this business is also more energy efficient, because you only focus on marketing. Meanwhile, production, packaging and shipping are the responsibility of the seller.

Although it is easy and efficient, you also need to pay attention to several things, such as control over goods and delivery systems. If these two things can be overcome, cases of delivery failure or goods complaints will not bother you.

IT or Cybersecurity Consultant

In the digital era, any business in any field is threatened by cyber attacks. This situation has an impact on the need for IT consultants which is greater than before.

As an IT consultant, you can help companies evaluate security systems and offer advice on how they can better protect themselves from cyber hackers. In addition, an IT or cybersecurity consultant can also help set up a company or business hardware and solve common technology and cybersecurity issues.

The advantage, being an IT or cybersecurity consultant , is that business opportunities in this field are still wide open. If you have cybersecurity skills , you can also increase your business career path to a more promising direction, such as penetration tester, white hat hacker , computer forensic specialist , and many more. This can be increased by the trainings that you take, which of course takes time and personal costs.

SEO or Social Media Consultant

Google is still an important part of many business marketing strategies. A business must be able to appear as a top result in Google Search for keywords related to their business. That means, they need someone who is an expert in SEO to help with that. In addition, SEO is also efficient for bringing in website visitors or e-commerce platforms at no cost.

If you master SEO techniques and Google trends, you can become an SEO consultant to help client websites appear in the top results in search engines. There are already many SEO consultants in Indonesia, but the business opportunities are still wide open, especially in the digital era.

In addition, if you don’t know SEO yet, but are good at social media, you can offer services for a business to generate engagement , such as the number of likes , shares , followers , comments, clicks, and more as a social media marketer. In this role, you can be a social media consultant and help them manage social media profiles, spread content across the web, and build their branding .

Moreover, being a consultant and social media marketer is very minimal and can be done from home. Make sure to improve your social media skills by following the latest trends and platforms.

Website Development Services Business Ideas

This business idea has been around for a long time, but this idea is still relevant for the next few years. If you have the ability to create an attractive website , it can be a potential business. Especially now that the need for websites is increasing, both for government agencies, companies, and individuals.

Indeed, making a website is now easier, the difficult thing is customization and maintenance. Therefore, more advanced programming skills are needed that only a web developer has .

This technology-based business has potential and allows you to work from home or from anywhere. The project deadline can also be arranged according to your time. In running this business, it is also recommended to have a competency certification to foster trust among clients.

Digital technology-based business is a potential business today and in the next few years. The various choices of business ideas above can be taken into consideration. You can determine a business that suits your abilities and has good business prospects.

If you are able to find the right technology-based business idea and build it with the right steps, it is not impossible that you will be able to achieve the best results. Good luck!

By Miracle