Why is Call Tracking Good For Advertisers?

Since the advent of call tracking in the 90’s, gathering ROI statistics on marketing campaigns has gained strength among advertisers and marketers. Because these systems streamline the gathering of information, advertisers see the value of this cost-effective technology. It also allows advertisers to keep track of multiple campaigns at once, which immediately displays how they should concentrate their marketing dollars for optimum results. This helps the advertiser maximize campaign strategies by understanding where the best results come from by assigning different phone numbers to different campaigns. Not only can you track a campaigns response from external factors, but also by the performance of your sales team. With call tracking you are able to playback and review phone conversations, which can be used to improve closing ratios or other training purposes.

As advertisers create a higher demand for this technology, the cost of call tracking is reduced. This is good for a marketer with a small business seeking big results. Since it is of such low cost, more advertisers are turning to this easy to use software, which doesn’t hurt their marketing budget and in return gain valuable insight on their target audience, ROI statistics in real-time, and understand how they’ve positioned themselves amongst the competition. In understanding the value of a tracking system and figuring out whether to implement it into your marketing program, consider the elements it offers for the price you pay. Let’s review them again: Assigning multiple phone numbers to track multiple campaigns at once, stats in real-time (i.e. length of calls, heaviest volume times, and average call duration), record phone conversations, no hardware required (other than your computer and telephone), and not to mention the ease of using this system. Gathering and sorting out statistics off one marketing campaign could cost hundreds and require plenty of man hours. Call tracking takes its place in the marketing environment by offering advertisers the right tools to compete and generate results without spending too much from the marketing budget.

Call tracking is here to stay. As more advertisers begin using these systems they spread the word of the benefits they’ve reaped using this technology. They have changed the way advertisers strategize and maximize results. With a tracking system you’re only a few clicks away from a low cost yet intensive marketing tool which will boost your company’s advertising capabilities. Go ahead… give it a shot… track your success!

By Miracle