Why Do Companies Need to Rebrand Themselves?

A company logo plays a crucial role in the brand building process. It is an integral part of brand promotion in the market. It is like a visage of an organization which divulges the personality and the core spirit of the company. The combination of the design elements of a company trademark reflects the nature of business. A trademark is a visual representation of the organization in the market. It connects the organization with the outer world which includes customers, shareholders, government, competitors, media or business clients.

In this modern era, the business environment keeps changing and an organization has to constantly make efforts to stabilize and grow in this volatile milieu. In the attempt of these efforts, the organization often itself undergoes changes. These changes can be in terms of marketing strategy, business diversification, company policy, target audience or in any such areas. As a result of the changes in any of these areas, the trademark undergoes redesigning process. It is essential to redesign the trademark as with the shifting times the logo design might become obsolete. There is a variety of circumstances when a company might go for a logo redesigning process.

Reasons when companies re-brand themselves:

The re-branding is accomplished with the redesigning of the logo because it is the logo that represents the brand image of the company. A company needs to change its logo when it undergoes a merger or an acquisition. In such cases, the trademark might completely change representing both the companies together or the basic font might remain the same but a design or lines and alignment might change depending on the business deal. Many times a company might be caught in a legal hassle. This might result in leaving a negative image of the organization on the minds of the customers. So the trademark is redesigned to bring change in the image of the company. If the corporation diversifies the business, it should get reflected in the trademark of the corporation. If a business owner has stopped manufacturing a product which is no longer in demand and has switched over to some other product, this change should be reflected in the redesigning process of the trademark. All these are the main reasons for modifying the company logo.

By Miracle