What Makes an Excellent Logo?

An excellent logo is a graphical illustration of the company. It is that graphical image which effectively portrays the identity of the corporation. A well-designed logo should be the one that can represent the image of the company. It should be able to communicate the values and philosophy of an organization. In other words, an imperfect and powerful trademark is the one that is descriptive in nature, memorable, effective in appearance and reflects true spirit of the company.

Characteristics of a good business logo:

There are several characteristics or features of well-designed business logos. An accurately designed trademark is simple and memorable in appearance. In other words, a designer can create a trademark that is simple in appearance. It is the simplicity which makes a trademark attractive. A simply designed trademark also enhances the visual appeal. It is easy for an onlooker to understand the image and grasp its meaning. In other words, a trademark should be meaningful in carrying the message of the organization. A marketer can choose to use text containing the name of the company. Simply used text also makes a trademark comprehensible. The text is also easy to grasp and remember.

For instance, many reputed companies use either the initials of their company name or the complete name as the logo. This strategy is more effective as compared to the use of pictures or images as a trademark. An onlooker remembers the company name in this way. The scalability factor also matters while designing the graphic symbol of the corporation. It means that the corporation’s graphic symbol should be reproduced on any corporate material. For instance, a person can reproduce the logo of the organization on newsletters, business letters, contracts and other such materials. An entrepreneur also needs a graphic symbol on the advertising or promotional materials. A graphic symbol designed should be pertinent to the industry. For instance, a symbol should be created in such a way so that it reflects the character and personality of the corporation.

There is a variety of logo design software available to create the logos of different types that relate to different kind of industries.

By Miracle