Using a RFID Database on the Construction Site

Installing a RFID database at the construction site can help contractors and owners in many ways. Keeping track of inventory is one that provides the greatest savings in terms of cost.

Theft at new building sites can honestly be described as out of control. Items small and large disappear on a regular basis, especially around big cities. Many of these items are stolen overnight or on the weekends.

The contractor’s options include hiring a 24 hour security team, loading everything up to lock it away for the night and hanging the largest items from cranes to make them unreachable. These options help prevent loss, but they are time-consuming and expensive.

Radio frequency ID tags are small and inexpensive. They can be placed on any item, regardless of the size. If the transmission power is high enough, they can be tracked from long distances.

If an item disappears, the police can be contacted and given the exact location. Not only will the items be returned, the thieves will be arrested.

As a deterrent, signs can be posted to let criminals know that all of the items on the grounds are protected by the tags and a functional RFID database. The thieves will not be able to remove the tags and the signals cannot be blocked entirely.

It’s like the sign outside of your home that lets criminals know your house is protected by a security system. The average crook will move on to a construction site that is not so well protected.

On large building sites, tools and other items are often misplaced. Workers may spend hours of valuable time looking for an essential tool. With the right tagging system in place, the item can be located in a matter of seconds.

The tags can also be placed on employee ID badges to monitor their locations and activity. The supervisor at the construction site can use the RFID database to locate employees and ensure that the manpower is spread out evenly.

The supervisor is only one person. He or she cannot monitor all of the employee’s activities at the same time. With the right computer system, employee activity can be monitored in the construction site office at any time of the day.

Simply maintaining an accurate inventory is a cost-effective use of an RFID database. The systems reduce errors, prevent the purchase of excess materials and make everyone’s job just a little easier.

By Miracle