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Start Business

Software Company Names

Software company names

Do you need software company names? In these times of austerity and economic downturn you may be forgiven for answering the above question with a resounding No, I don’t need any more expense, thank you very much!…

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Software Developer

Business Software for Mac

Business software for mac

Sage 200 is a lovely piece of business software for mac that is currently helping many businesses worldwide. It was created with the business owner in mind, helping businesses streamline their processes and run smoother than …

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Rebuilding Business

Software Design Document

Software design document

As a lawn care business owner the most important step you can take to software design document is to build your brand. But how can a one man operation build a brand when there is so much …

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Digital Marketing

Software Developer Job Description

Software developer job description

By automating software developer job description on the accounting, job costing and service scheduling software, one can take a fledgling business and give it the appearance and efficiencies of a well run professional operation. The larger …

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Apps Creator

Windows Application Development

Windows application development

While working windows application development with my client who is transitioning from a paper system to a computer system, we have come across some changes to the QuickBooks POS software that would be very useful. These changes …

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Software Developer

Entry Level Software Developer Salary

Entry level software developer salary

Entry level software developer salary with Training is hard work for any business. Whether you’re established with 10 employees or 10,000, getting the entire office linked up to the highest levels of efficiency must be …

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Business Technology

Business Software Examples

Business software examples

Running a business software examples takes blood, sweat and tears to be successful. It also does not hurt to have the capital to manage your cash flow, which is one of the biggest challenges facing business owners. …