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Software Developer

Scott Phillips Software Developer

Scott phillips software developer

As a home based business owner I am continually trying to find ways to run my business in an efficient way with scott phillips software developer. I am usually looking for ways to automate my business …

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Maintaining Business

The Best Software Design

Software design

Software design is the second and final part of the article entitled “Getting the CRM Ball Rolling”. Having established the importance the quality of data you import into your CRM solution and invested in some training for your …

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Rebuilding Business

Junior Software Developer

Junior software developer

Everyone approaches junior software developer their work in their own way. You probably go about things quite differently to the way I do.
And my business, as a freelance copywriter, will be quite different from your business…

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Software Developer Internship

Software developer internship

There is a rumor going around software developer internship that you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bill each month by switching your computers and laptops off at night (or whenever they are …