Storefront Software – Reducing the Time From Quote to Installation

With monetary and time restrictions placing greater pressures upon the construction activities within the fenestration industry, as a result of tighter margins and increasing competition, the procedures of designing and building storefronts is rapidly being transformed. Less time is being allocated in the response and productive measures of business operations, with manufacturers looking for ways to reduce the time frame they afford to the processes that integrate their business.

As a result of these exogenous forces, production ‘to order’ has become commonplace within the fenestration industry, as attempts are made to minimise the costs of buying and storing materials for a job. As this has reduced the time frame that the business used to rely upon in reacting to customer requests and in the design, production and installation of windows, doors and storefronts, manufacturers are turning towards information technology such as storefront software to streamline and integrate the process itself. However, forward thinking operations are realising that the shortening of processing time from design to production can actually benefit profit margins, as the job passes more efficiently through the manufacturing and distribution stages, contributing towards a more effective utilisation of invested capital and resulting in higher returns on investment.

There are various software solutions in the marketplace such as storefront software to address these issues, but it is important to select an industry leading application when so much of the businesses ability to streamline operations and generate increasing revenue streams is at stake. Not only should the software assist in the design process, but should integrate other critical business functions, such as quoting, ordering, shipping, e-commerce activities and the like.

Through a unique and simple to use interface system, the software should allow you to design the required shop front & curtain wall facades, allowing the population of windows, doors and other design features. Realistic 3D model generation should be based on the exact profiles and materials you use. Additionally, precise engineering information ensures accurate calculations for the quoting process. Pre-set configurations allow you to set engineering properties that relate to the integrity of the construction as well as the aesthetics, forwarding all the details and plans to provide manufacturing and costing reports for all your commercial work.

As an ideal, the software should assist you in the chronological order of design and production, giving direction and exact accountability in the process, from engineering, selling and pricing configurations to manufacturing and inventory management, including the shipping and delivery of the products. Finally, advance accounting and financial systems will be in place to ensure the profitability of the entire process, from quote to installation.

By Miracle