PC Backup Software – Advanced Data Protection Software

Understanding the problems can help your grasp of the functions of PC backup software. The advent of state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies has revolutionized the manner in which data is stored by individuals as well as businesses. We have gone past the days when all information was stored in physical files. These days, individuals as well as big companies make it a point to store and retrieve data in electronic format. Virus attacks or even a power outage can affect the security of the information that is stored. It is therefore essential that one keep an extra copy of all-important files at a different retrievable location in case the original ones are lost. By storing this information in a centralized server the PC backup software eliminates the risk of loss.

It is good to note that there are many choices available in the PC backup software market. Data redundancy is an issue that many of these programs fail to address. Data redundancy refers to the unwanted duplication of data in a company’s database. Multiple copies of the same information can occur when we share files or reference them to a number of people.. It is not unusual to find instances where the planning, marketing and sales departments of a company are sharing their client databases across all three domains. Keeping all the revisions as well as acurately reflecting the changes in all the documents on all the desktops and servers must be done. Maintenance costs, amount of storage space needed, keeping the files consistent and the performance of the backup software is affected by data redundancy. It even impacts troubleshooting policies by making difficult for companies to resolve database problems.

Thankfully, the problem of data redundancy has been addressed by Druvas new PC backup software. Deduplication is a technology that saves only one version of a file. Both storage needs and bandwidth consumption can be reduced using this solution. Other benefits offered by Druva inSync are requests made through SSL channel which protects the data being transferred.

Accessing and controlling the stored data from a centralized location gives great flexibility to the administrators. Email notifications the instant something happens can be set up. The server console can update the client computers remotely. The ability of inSync to handle up to 2,000 pc’s on one server makes it stand out from its competitors.

By Miracle