Manufacturing Software – The Key to Making Better Business Decisions

To remain competitive and encourage growth strategies within a business environment, it is no longer acceptable to work without direction. It is now a necessity to utilise an integrated manufacturing business system. Sources of information that are not integrated, accessible and easily usable, merely squander the time, effort and money that a business invests in its operations. Furthermore, business decisions based on incorrect or untimely information simply result in bad decisions. Increasing the businesses accessibility to quality information is not only considered a priority, but a pathway to improving profits & the identification of new revenue streams and is key to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Manufacturing software empowers businesses with the agility and flexibility that is required to remain competitive in a constantly changing marketplace, by providing access to, and evaluation of, key production methods and inputs. In this fast paced consumer environment, businesses are experiencing constant pressure to deliver completed products to the end user under tighter timelines and configure & manufacture products to order, which is also placing greater pressure on decision makers in respect of inventory control and efficient running of the shop floor. With ever changing business models which call for reduced inventory stock, value added propositions and ‘just in time’ production methods to reduce the distribution channels required for the product to get to the customer, businesses are under increasing scrutiny to perform. Not having the right information, at the right place at the right time, can prove disastrous.

Innovative manufacturing software will provide your business with the tools to better satisfy the market, allowing your business to be viewed as the leading manufacturer within your chosen industries. Manufacturing software makes the effective management of geographically isolated operations possible by utilising varying modes of production and synchronising any scheduling requirements between certain locations. In addition to empowering the business with the information and tools to implement change in the production methods, evaluation of whole business activities can be engaged upon. Leading software provides, in one easy to use system, the ability to control, integrate and synchronise a variety of manufacturing and business process methods.

Work and customer orders provide the framework that supports an operations’ entire business and manufacturing activities, including the ability to schedule jobs, release them to the factory floor, issue material, track labour and subcontract services, and report on finished production. Manufacturing software must be able to record and simplify these processes, to ensure that the business is operating efficiently and effectively.

There are many benefits of utilising a manufacturing software system. Among others, some of the key benefits include:

– Reducing operation costs by visualising monetary flows through the business

– Decreased production times by the identification of production bottlenecks before they happen. Reductions in downtime and costs associated with overtime will also be experienced due to more efficient operations.

– Reduced lead times as the software provides real time data on the materials required for. Improving delivery times by allocating the correct staffing and resource materials to complete an order.

– Reducing purchasing costs through the forecasting of demand to suppliers.

– Reducing inventory stocks through access to real-time inventory analysis.

– Reduced monetary investment in stock is a real and tangible benefit, as these resources can be placed elsewhere to improve business performance and/or sales.

– Keep your customers better satisfied through increased customer service, better customer relationships, communication and quality of product.

– Make better business decisions

By Miracle