Junior software developer salary

You must knowing about junior software developer salary in advance. I’m looking at a scrawl on a piece of A4 paper. I can’t read most of it because it’s a brain-dump written at a seminar – it looks like it’s been written by one of those paraplegic artists who use a biro between their toes (sorry Nip but you know it does!). Anyhow, the two words I can make out actually make an awful lot of sense. They are the words:


It’s underlined too so it must be important. And it kinda resonates and sticks in my mind because it’s written down from a seminar given by some top bod at Google – one of the founders I think (although I wouldn’t know the names of the Google founders any more than they’d know mine). But as I sit tapping away, it’s a thought that seems to have lodged there somewhere in the shinier parts of my mind. And it’s becoming a bit of a guiding principle for our junior software developer salary. Through all the distractions & the temptations that regularly prod you towards a smaller, more niche proposition – or try and pull you towards cutting the dev back and settling for less – those words keep on coming back.

And it’s something Brits in particular should heed (I’m based in Barnsley in the UK). Aside from the incredible fact that we seem to have inadvertently invented the wwweb itself (would never want to besmirch the great Tim – but I don’t think selling 3am Live Chat Peep Shows across 3 continents was what he actually envisaged at the outset, so it’s commercial success was presumably somewhat surprising) I can’t think of many UK-based internet products that have gone global. And Katie Price muff shots don’t count.

Software to Rule the World

The relevance of this simple message junior software developer salary is something I’ve really taken to heart. While you’ve got to be flexible enough to seize new opportunity and grow with an ever-changing world – you’ve also got to maintain focus on your goal. I’ve been through the mill enough times to know that desire and focus – and Thinking Big – don’t necessarily make for a winning end result. But I’m sure they’re a pretty good starting point.

Of course, history tells us that ending up with something truly global doesn’t usually start off like that – most global success stories tend to work from a small user-base serving a specific need (much like the early www itself). Fortunately that’s where we are at the moment, with a highly successful Print Procurement Platform fuelling growth in our equally successful software developer internship.
So our path is pretty clear – grow the platform from where we are now into The Next Big Thing. Should be a piece of cake.

By Miracle