Joint application development

Everything talk about joint application development. The lifeblood of a physical therapy clinic is appointments. A missed appointment is lost revenue. That is why a physical therapist clinic must use robust scheduling software that not only manages appointments, but actually generates revenues for you.
What Are the 3 Must-Have Physical Therapy Schedule Software Features

1. Centralized scheduling on the cloud

There’s two aspects to this must-have feature: centralized and “on the cloud.”
Centralized means the scheduling joint application development has a central database where all data is stored. What this does is if an appointment is made on one computer, it’s entered and immediately posted to all computers. Essentially, the appointment is entered wherever the scheduling calendar is viewed. This is straight-forward, but important in order to prevent double booking.
“On the cloud” means you access your scheduling software through the Internet. It’s stored and the application runs off the software company’s server. This has the following four huge benefits:
You don’t have to mess around with downloading and installing the software.
You don’t have to worry about having the scheduling calendar available if you add more computers to your computer network.
You can access your physical therapist clinic schedule anywhere you have Internet access.
Your patients can log into the scheduling calendar on the Internet and book their own appointments. This is the biggest benefit by far. You can have patients schedule single or multiple appointments without using your or your staff’s time.

2. Integrated with email autoresponder software

Don’t you hate it when a patient cancels. But, what if you could automatically have that vacancy filled? You can if you get scheduling software that integrates with email autoresponder software. Let me explain with an example.
When a patient cancels, you can joint application development your email autoresponder to send out a vacancy notice to all your patients. If you get the right scheduling software that enables people to log into the calendar, they can go on waiting lists for filled time-slots. If someone cancels, your email software can send out an email message to the waiting list first.
I bet you can see the advantage to this technology. You can significantly reduce vacancies without having to call your contacts which is time-consuming and practically impossible to go through the entire patient list for every vacancy.
The key here is that your physical therapist scheduling software also be integrated with your patient contact database. This way the vacancy notice email messages can be sent to your patient list because the calendar is hooked up to it.

3. Scheduling software integrated with credit card processing

Chasing money is not fun for any business. The best way to get paid is up front. if you can automate payment, that’s even better.
That’s why having scheduling software that enables you to collect upon auto-booking is so convenient and good for your bottom line.
Let me explain. With the right scheduling software (that includes credit card processing), you can have patients pay when they book their application development online. You can offer discounts when they book this way to encourage online payment up-front. This will save you time in collecting and processing payments.
The power of online credit card processing is huge. You can sell packages and other services (if you offer other services) as well as equipment. The point is, incorporating e-commerce and online credit card processing opens the doors to generate more revenues and you’re not involved in the process at all.
As you can see, all of these 3 features are necessary in order to gain the benefits of each feature. They all work together to automate and increase bookings which generates higher revenues for your physical therapy clinic.

By Miracle