How to Choose an Email Marketing Software Provider

Even with all the enhancements internet technology has brought us, good old fashion email is still among the most common ways for businesses and consumers to communicate. Just about everyone has an email account these days, and because of this, email marketing has become a very effective promotional tool. However, even the biggest mailing list combined with the best marketing strategy cannot guarantee positive gains without a way to efficiently launch and manage your campaign. Email marketing software offers a solution, allowing you to easily manage your campaign initiatives and enjoy the best results. With that said, no two programs are the same, and the vendor you select weighs heavily on the overall quality of the software.

Free or Commercial Software?

Before heading out to the shop the market, you should know that email marketing software comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some are lightweight and cater to general needs, others are more robust and thus, far more advanced. You also have your paid software, as well as programs that are completely free to download and use. Free software of all types is abundant online, but this may not be the best option when it comes to email marketing. We say this because free software tends to lack key features and the functionality needed to make the most of your campaign. Aside from that, you never know what you could be downloading from online. It might be email software, or a malicious application designed to harm your system.

Online vs. Offline Solutions

Email marketing software can also be categorized in online and offline solutions. Offline software essentially refers to a standalone program that you install on your computer. Online software simply describes an application that must be accessed from a web-based interface, meaning you need to be on the internet to use it. This type of program is typically provided through a hosted service in which a company maintains the IT infrastructure, while you simply sign in and manage your campaign. While it is usually more expensive than a standalone desktop program, many businesses have found this sort of arrangement to be the best solution for their needs.

Vendor Reputation

Last but not least, you need to consider the vendors reputation and track record before purchasing any email marketing software. On the surface, every vendor appears to be a top notch company you can trust with your business initiatives. It is important that you learn how to look beneath the hoopla and marketing gimmicks to find out if they are truly reliable. Instead of taking the vendors impressive website at face value, do some research and discover for yourself. Check out the reviews online and ask friends or colleagues if they could make some recommendations. Your campaign would probably be much safer in the hands of a vendor with experience and accolades in the business opposed to one that nobody has ever heard of.


The importance of choosing good email marketing software cannot be understated. Neither can the selection of the vendor that distributes the product. In the end, this is something that will either make or break your campaign, so choose wisely and give your campaign the best possible chance at success.

By Miracle