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If you run a freelance software developer as an affiliate or are opening one soon, one of the first questions you must answer is “what CrossFit management software should I get?”. One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make, including CrossFit affiliates, is delaying in implementing quality management software.
Why is it good to start sooner rather than later with proper management software?
As you build up your business and get clients, if you don’t have business management software, you’ll create a hodgepodge of software systems using a variety of software platforms to track your business (I know this, because I did this). Nothing will integrate. You’ll use software for which it wasn’t designed (Excel for tracking everything anyone?).

In the end you’ll spend more and more time administrating – time you could spend building your business and working with clients (the reason you started a CrossFit franchise in the first place). Yes, getting great freelance software developer costs money. But look at it this way – if you can free up your time enough to get just one or two more customers each month, you’ll more than pay for a decent CrossFit management software platform.
What should CrossFit Business Software Do?
The following are the key features you need in order to not only increase efficiencies, but also generate revenues.

1. Centralized Online Scheduling Software

Keep your schedule up-to-date easily with a centralized online calendar. When you update your schedule from the backend, it then updates all displayed calendars (i.e. on your website and elsewhere).
Your scheduling software should also have the capability of taking pre-payment and booking recurring classes.

2. Credit Card Processing

Make pre-paying and buying class packages easy with credit card processing integrated with your scheduling software.

3. E-mail Software

It’s important to get freelance software developer that integrates seamlessly with your scheduling software. This way you can automatically send email and text messages to your members and new classes and class openings. If you do private training, you can also send out notices about openings.
Moreover, you can reduce no-shows by programming the software developer internship with email to send out class and session reminders.

4. E-Commerce Capability

Why not turn your website into a CrossFit online store? Chances are you know a lot about the best gear and clothing for CrossFit training. You can offer a great service to your members by recommending and selling (perhaps even a discount) the best gear and clothing.
Moreover, e-commerce gives you the option to sell gift cards online. A gift card is a tremendous way to generate sales and attract new students. You can offer discounts to your current clients for gift cards if they give them away as gifts. This way you can build your business.

5. Membership Swipe Cards

Swipe card technology makes your life much, much easier. With swipe card technology you simply scan your client’s cards and their attendance is logged to their account. If they pre-pay, it automatically deducts payment. This is about as easy as it gets to sign clients into your classes and private training sessions.

By Miracle