As explained earlier, a firewall functions as a network security system that checks traffic and ensures that the network system is safe.

With a firewall, you can protect your company’s network from hackers and cybercriminals. However, apart from providing protection, firewalls also provide a number of other advantages.

Network security ( network security ) is a very important aspect in business. Whatever scale of business you are running, as long as it is connected to the internet, a stable and efficient network security system is a must-have. 

The goal is not only to protect important company data, but also to maintain the continuity of the business itself. One way to protect the security of a company’s network is to use a firewall.

Here are four advantages of a firewall for a business:

Firewall Protecting the Network while Doing WFH

Remote working and WFH have now become common working methods applied by companies all over the world. However, a new problem arose. Employees who work on networks outside the company’s Internet Service Provide (ISP) make network security more difficult to manage. However, by using a firewall , network communication between company servers and employees doing remote work becomes more secure.

Firewall Save Operational Cost

The average business owner, especially small and medium-sized businesses, doesn’t have the time and expertise to oversee their network. Meanwhile, to recruit IT professionals, it costs a lot of money. Firewalls can be an alternative solution that can save business costs. This is because the device will work 24 hours to monitor the security of the company network.

Make Employees More Productive

Internet access is proven to reduce work productivity if employees use it to access sites that are not relevant to work. With a firewall , business owners can limit the bandwidth that employees can use to access certain sites that are not relevant to work such as streaming services, games, and others.

Increase Consumer Confidence

With a more secure network and more protected user data, consumer trust in your company can be further increased.

By Miracle