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For those starting a business technology management or even the experienced online marketer, using social networks for traffic generation is an excellent form of internet marketing. After all what is an internet business without traffic and what better way to get the word out about your online empire?

Many business technology management use blogs to get their message out to the world by submitting articles and videos. Most take this a step further and submit this content to social networks like twitter and Facebook. The most successful business technology submit new and relevant content several times a day. The thought is put it in front of your audience and they will react to things they really want. A good internet marketer will take that information and turn it into cash.

Post Your Blogs on Facebook Automatically

For those that use their blogs to submit content about business technology management you are very aware how time consuming this work can be. Fortunately today with new online business software and a few tricks of the trade this work is getting easier. Take Facebook for example; did you know your blog posts can automatically post to your links in Facebook?

If you have a Facebook account and want your blog posts to appear in your links automatically here is how to do it. Keep in mind the blog must belong to you or Facebook will not be happy camper!
Start by logging into Facebook and then go to your profile page. Then click on the account tab, scroll down and then click on the applications settings. Now you should be on the page that shows what applications you normally use and what apps are available, find the notes application and click on it.

Next on the notes page you will see any notes that your friends have posted or a welcome to notes message under my notes. If you are looking at my friends notes, click on the my notes link to get to the my notes page. Now that you are on the my notes page you will see a Notes Settings box on the right where you will find a hyperlink to import a blog, now click the import a blog link.

Now you will be on the Import a Blog screen that will instruct you to enter your blog’s URL in the web URL box. Remember to use your complete URL address. Next, the last step is to click on the Start Importing button and you’re good to go.

Now every time you post to your blog that post will appear in your link section on Facebook. This content now has another home where friends can access this information anytime. This is one of many tips and tricks we share about online market strategies at Super Team Marketing where we welcome your comments and suggestions.
Thomas McCormick

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