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Everyone can using the business software inc. Typing on a keyboard is not the easiest of things for most of us to do well. Sure, there are some extremely good 2 to 4 finger experts around who can punch out a paragraph or 2 in relatively quick time. But there are only a minority who have the skills to watch the screen as they type (not the keyboard!) and do not have to think ‘r e a l l y s l o w l y’ to ensure their thought processes do not get too far ahead of their fingers!

And yet — more and more of the work place is becoming ‘computerised’, meaning, that more and more of us have to struggle with the keyboard to get our daily work completed. Even at the ‘coal face’ employees are required to interact with computers. Now in many cases, advancements have been made to ensure the information is entered into systems correctly, for example, bar code scanners, and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tags. But on the whole, the business software inc have not made great steps forward in terms of getting core data into systems.

Concept of computing 

The entire concept of computing in business was to increase productivity. This was based around the main premise of data in, calculation, and reports out. Certainly, computers have been absolutely essential to speeding up that whole process, and yes, we have moved ahead considerably from the days of the multi column cash book.
In terms of automated workflow, middleware, and process driven applications, the computer is also assisting greatly. The ability of the ‘systems’ to ensure business software alliance processes are followed accurately do drive improvement (where implemented correctly!)

But are we now at a position where the core, user fronting business software inc are in fact the very things that are making the workplace unproductive? And they are doing this because these applications expect us all to sit at our desks as they are keyboard driven.
In the home more and more computers are turning up, because more and more of our entertainment is becoming computer based.

However, on the home front, the keyboard is not the primary interface device — rather, it is the computer mouse. Why? Because the developers of the applications we use for entertainment have understood that for their products to be successful, they must deliver them in such a way that their market wants — that is no keyboard, browser based, using ‘point & click, ‘or click & go’ applications.

Click & Go – The New Standard For Business Software

Why then, if the home market is saying ‘click & go ‘ and developers are satisfying this demand, cannot the developers of business applications do likewise? As we progress, the gap between the two is becoming wider. Home = more and more ‘point click’, but Work = desk based keyboard driven.

Now is the time these developers of business critical software should start evolving their applications to suit the user communities of today. Maybe this is THE big opportunity for business software in the 2,000’s — develop business resource planning software that can be driven by the mouse, in a browser based, deskless environment?

By Miracle