Business Intelligence is Rapidly Changing

Through continuous innovation Business Intelligence is the future for analysis of company information. The business intelligence space has many different tools to help make decisions such as data mining, dashboard reporting and collaboration. But one thing remains clear, the long term path of BI will revolve around collaboration because essentially it’s people who make decisions not software. Given the fact that companies are ran by people, the best that business intelligence software can do is to assist them make better decisions. The objectivity of decision making for businesses is really a great idea but finding unseen opportunities through the myriad of data is important to stay competitive in their respected industries.

What does the long term hold for BI?

With so many new players entering this market, it will be difficult for the veterans of BI, to keep up with the rapid changes such as open source.. Smaller companies such as Actuate and Pentaho are at the forefront with emerging technologies which will eventually compete with the large players. The BI space is really a dynamic field that’s never stands still. The competitive spirit will drive further innovation that will make it even much more difficult for a company to gain a dominant share from the organization.

Finally, keep in mind that numerous new resources are emerging that can be leveraged with business intelligence software program. It all started out with Microsoft Excel, This spreadsheet software allowed for numerous individuals through out the organization to collaborate together. Now in 2010, new spreadsheets resources are coming out which are effectively collaborative. Entire sets of tools are now being created specifically for collaboration. The long term of BI is here.

By Miracle