Business Fax Software VS an Office Fax Machine

Many small businesses are looking for a fax software that will improve productivity and provide other features. You can get all this and more for just a low monthly price and you can even try it out for free for an entire month! If you’re interested then keep on reading.

If you have a fax machine or are considering buying one then we recommend that you think about it twice. Here we’ve put together the pros and cons between the traditional office fax machine and the new internet business fax services.

How Much Money Are You Saving/Wasting?

To start, did you know that a fax machine wastes more energy than any other office machine. So if you leave your fax machine on all day then you can be expecting a high electric bill at the end of each month and if you want to save a few bucks by turning it off then be aware that when the machine is turned off you cannot receive faxes, so you may miss an important fax!

On the other hand, internet fax service can send and receive faxes everyday of the year at anytime of the day whether your computer is on or off.

Fax machines will print out your faxes no matter what, so you can be wasting paper and ink on junk faxes, spam faxes or faxes that you simply don’t need to be printed out. Plus you since you are wasting more papers then you are not contributing to helping the environment by saving trees.

Online faxing lets you choose whether you need to print out a fax or not and when you need to send a fax you don’t have to print it out because you can send it directly from your computer via the internet. This helps you save money on paper and ink supplies and also makes your company part of the “Green” solution for the environment.

What About Setup

With a machine not only do you waste several hundred dollars on the purchase but then you have to get an extra phone line and fuss about with lots of wires and cords which can be a nightmare if you have to make it available at several stations in an office. So will be wasting even more money before you get to send a fax.

With online faxing services for business you account is instantly activated and there are NO setup fees. You don’t need any extra hardware or extra phone lines. In fact these services are so affordable that you get a FREE business fax number which can be local or toll free!

By Miracle