Business Accounting Software Can Help Your Business – Microsoft Dynamics GP

Run your business the way you want to with a business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate and grow your business. With two editions of pre-selected software functionality to choose from, you can add the components you need for your business solutions.

Business Intelligence

Transform data into actionable insight with enhanced business intelligence (BI). Keep people at all levels in your company privy to the details of your business by offering the reporting and analysis tools they need to effectively monitor, analyze, and plan. With business intelligence, you can maximize your resources to make more informed decisions.

Business Productivity

Take your company productivity to new heights by integrating Microsoft GP’s enhanced functionality tools. Enable your people to take on the most complex business challenges by equipping them with the right resources. With increased business management functionality and advanced collaborative capabilities, you can empower your people with familiar solutions, resulting in greater productivity.


Leverage compliance from a hassle to a business advantage with expedited regulatory compliance. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides cost effective solutions to implement and monitor corporate compliance all the while lessening any associated challenges. Complying with regulations, industry standards, and corporate quality initiatives does not have to be complex and costly but instead a way to stay ahead in your industry.

Financial Management

Take control of your financial management my reducing valuable time spent on routine tasks. With tight integration between modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can enter data one time and provide real-time information throughout your financial solution without sacrificing accuracy.

Human Resources Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Track every aspect of human resources including your personnel-related processes, benefit programs, manage payroll, offer employee self-service capabilities, and deliver the information your managers and executives need. With Microsoft GP, integration with leading payroll service providers, such as ADP, makes it easy to share data and simply the payroll process.

IT Management

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you don’t just receive business powerful analysis tools, you are also giving your IT team the flexible and familiar platform it needs to take charge of its budget and build your business value at lower costs.

Supply Chain Management

Manage the entire supply process and help keep goods flowing, communicate partners, and gain loyal customers by using integrated systems that link functions across your organization. Reduce time-to-market and improve your control over your entire supply chain. Tailor your process to customer requirements with custom product design and cutting-edge supply chain and financial management features. Enhance your business partner experiences with better track workflow across manufacturing, purchasing, finance, sales, and distribution.

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